25th anniversary symposium

 In our 25th anniversary, Tokyo Consulting Inc has held symposium for top executives and CIO who run company.

Theme is "Aiming for good company and society in 21st century".

With the rapid growth of science and technology such as a computer, our society would experience fundamental change in 21th century. In this era, it is quite important for top executives running company to have a strength to look broadly and further, and have a strong will complying with common philosophy in human society.

 * This symposium was closed. We truly thank for every participants.



Day 27th September 2016 Tuesday 14:00-17:00 JST
Venue Nikkei Hall
Host Tokyo Consulting Inc
Co-host CIO Network Japan, Fueki-kai
Entrance fee 2,500 yen



[Session 1]

 Transform to Reliable, Safety, Healthy company. -Beyond insurance-

SOMPO Holdings
President & Group CEO

Mr. Kengo Sakurada


 Insurance is usually used when in trouble, however we think it is not sufficient we are useful when in trouble. In order for Japan having lots of advanced issues to become leading solution country, we are aiming to become the company that always provide top quality service related to reliable, safety and health.


[Session 2]

 Beyond transportation "Takkyuubin"

Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. Executive adviser
Yamato Welfare Foundation Board chairperson

Mr. Kaoru Seto


 "Takkyuukin" is 40th anniversary since launching. Look back on the history of its product development, and introduce "value networking" concept that evolves transportation to the method to create business value, our activities for social problem through our core business, and our social welfare business.


[Session 3]

 Unifying strategy and system -"AOISORA" approach

Tokyo Consulting Inc President
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. company auditor

Mr. Kazushige Ishido


 As the growth of computer is way above the understanding of corporate executives, effective utilization of the computer determines the fate of the company. In order to be a good company, it is inevitable to utilize the system appropriately from top management view. Introduce essential approach how top executives should achieve.


Special diagnosis

As a part of project of our 25th anniversary, we will conduct Diagnosis for CEO to “unify strategy and system” in addition to anniversary symposium.
*Please find detail in here.